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Stupid Ugly Admin is Obsolete

Every minute spent doing basic admin is another minute lost.

Most admin systems in the medical sector are boring and ugly. They’re also pretty stupid. They cost you too much money and eat up too much time. All too often the payback simply isn’t worth it either. You still don't feel in control of your inventory, or know how it's performing against all of those expensive service contracts you have.


At Upptimely we are on a mission to build an admin system for healthcare that is the most elegant, intuitive, intelligent, and least expensive option on the market.



Key Features

Smart reporting

In the world’s best restaurants, a good waiter doesn’t wait at all, he knows when the guest is hungry and has the food ready and the wine poured. The same should be true of your admin system. Upptimely anticipates your data and reporting needs, and then serves them to you when you need them in a format you can use.

Take back control

Have you ever paid $1,5M for an MR machine and then felt unsure about it’s performance? Have you ever doubled down on that worry by paying $75K for a service contract, only to have no idea if the terms of that agreement are being met? Upptimely can automate all of that stuff for you, and let you know ahead of time what needs scheduling and checking.

Artifical intelligence

Have you ever spent hours re-entering data from service reports emailed to you by your suppliers? Have you ever thought why your admin system isn’t doing this kind of tedious stuff for you, especially when you are paying good money for it? Upptimely is intelligent enough to do all that boring routine stuff for you, so that you can spend more time doing your real job.

Who We Are

Mark Goodliffe

Despite his youthful looks, Mark has acquired decades of experience as a senior consultant in the medical sector. A former RAF flight mechanic, Mark now has the distinction of being the third funniest person at Upptimely.

Richard Dickson

Richard is our resident Code Poet and is all over the place, literally. He grew up in Hong Kong, studied Theology at Oxford, Economics at the LSE, and now writes code. He is the former head IT boffin for Selecta Nordics.

Michael Taylor

Michael is a serial firestarter. He is the founder of CoderDojo Stockholm, and Code4000 UK, Europe's first coding academy for prisoners. He grew up in a small dark corner of Derbyshire but is feeling better now.

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